Being a Woman

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As if being a woman isn’t hard enough,
But to also be black.
The pigment of my skin,
Appall, Shame, and even Disgrace
That is how the shade is represented,
As a new species,
I guess the world is still segmented.

As if being shorter than the rest
Is always the best
Yes I’m little
I’m unable to see without stretching my neck
I’m constantly attempting to rise above others,
Without trying not to become stressed.
How can I not…become a wreck?

As if getting dressed,
Just to impressed, the ‘Men’ that think negative
Be positive, is the phrase that is always given,
But it is never taken.
How can you be positive with our society shaped the way it is?

Personality, heart, and soul
Should be the main things consider
Not the color or the gender
Who’s in control?

Even with a question that never has a response
There is always a solution.
All Women:
Hispanic, Somali, Black, Chinese, Asian, Vietnamese, Caucasian
Or Thick, Tall, Short, Small, Large, Skinned, Unfashionable
Or just dress for the occasion

Imagine living in a world, when woman deserved what we should have had
Power, Respect, Value, and Dignity
Not to be treated, neither as trash nor as waste
Not to be seen crying, because of great depression
Or wanting to escape.

A world that is full of success
A world that has no faults or wrongs
A world that is made for and by women…A world for us all

** I was fourteen years old when I wrote this poem. It’s not the cleanest piece of writing, but it is still relevant, which is sad. **