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How hard is it to show someone their potential? To show them, that they can be more than what they currently are? That growth is possible? How hard is it to show someone themselves?

How hard is it to show someone their potential when they’ve had traumatic experiences? When they no longer have an image of who they are? When the very thought of having potential is a foreign thought?

Showing someone who they really care can be an almost impossible task when they don’t know who they are. Almost is the key word in that sentence. Even when something seems impossible doesn’t mean it actually is, especially when love is involved.

It’s not an easy task. It’s not an easy thing to commit to showing someone who they are. However, its never an easy thing preparing to change someone life, even when its for the better.

All I can say is – if you prepare to change someone life. If you decide to try and water that piece of themselves that they thought died long ago. Be aware that your actions, your love, your care, you attention could be the very thing that changes their lives.

Know how eternally grateful they will be for showing them a better way. In spite of the outcome or the current status of the relationship with that person, know they will always remember what you did for them cause showing someone they can be more is a very loving thing to do.