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What would you do if you saw your family murdered in front of you? What would you do if the justice system failed? How far would you go to get justice, or should I say vengeance? 

These are all of the questions that are explored and brought up during this movie. Once your world is turned upside down, once you hit rock bottom, what do you become?

One of my coworkers said the other day that – I would colour outside of the law if the law contradicted my values and beliefs. When I heard him, my first thought was, who does this guy think he is? However, went I listened, and truly understood what he meant, I realized, he was right. 

After watching, Peppermint, I realized that I walk to the beat of my own drum, and no mundane rules and regulations are going to stop me. I wouldn’t suggest committing a series of murders to get justiceNonetheless, I will say this – despite all the murder, injustice, and corruption in this movie, it was impossible to NOT root for the widowed mother. It was impossible to not feel her pain, and see her suffering. It was impossible not to empathize with her, to root for her. My heart truly felt for her. I was the one crying in the theatre like a little bitch.

If you haven’t already, I would suggest you take some time and watch, Peppermint. In my opinion, Jennifer Garner, hasn’t been this good since Alias.

That’s all folks!


I Feel Pretty

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I must admit, I’ve been avoiding watching the movie I Feel Pretty.  I really liked the concept of the movie, but I really really really don’t like Amy Schumer. However, I’m currently in the process of watching  the movie and I must say, it’s something.

This notion of self-confidence through mindfulness is amazing. As is the idea that “you are what you attract.” If you think you are worthless and ugly others will too because you are vibrating at a low level. BUT, if you think you are awesome and worthy of abundance then you’re life and company will reflect that because of your high vibrations.

“You know who you are and you really don’t care how the world sees you.” -Ethan

The quotation above sums up the beauty of this movie. It talks about Self-Confidence, Body Positivity, and Acceptance in a way that media just simply isn’t doing yet.

We live in world where the shift to mindlessfull and happiness is dramtically changing into a value that is intrinstic instead of extrinstic. I’m grateful that media representation is starting to capture this shift in media, as well.

With that stated, this concept of self-confidence is probably the only thing they did correctly throughout this movie. This idea on a whole is about the only positive outcome. Nonetheless, I’m choosing to focus on the good, and this:

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If not, this post might just turn into a rant about white societal ideals on beauty – blond hair, blue eyes, and white. Point is – If everyone just abandoned their negative notions of why they aren’t beautiful enough, smarter enough or rich enough, and just accepted that you are enough – the world and you would be a much happier place.