Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother

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For someone who watches as much TV as me, I can admit, I haven’t spent the majority of my time watching the classics. In some eyes, Friends and How I Met Your Mother are must see sitcom.

Thus, since I already watched Friends – earlier this year, yes, for the first time. I decided with the help of my manager – of course, that it was time for me to watch How I Met Your Mother. It’s been about 3 weeks since I started the series, and I’m happy to announce that I am DONE! 9 seasons later and I can’t answer that puzzling question everyone seems to ask –  which is better Friends or How I Met Your Mother?

I can honestly say I spent the majority of my time pondering that question. I hoped that once I got to the end of the series the answer would magically appear, but surprise surprise it didn’t. Instead, once I finished the series I came to a completely different conclusion.

I whole heartedly believe that  a fundamental flaw in our society and human nature is our tendency to compare.

Instead of spending my time comparing the two shows, I should have just come to appreciate their uniqueness. Personally, Friends was hilarious, but it was also very fringy worthy. How I Met Your Mother was hilarious, but far more in-depth. My ENG Lit. brain appreciated the story telling technique, the foreshadowing, and longggggg asss jokes that seemed to just make their way back into the storyline from nothing. Introducing my favourite running joke – SLAPPSSGIVVINNNNGGGG!!!!!!


If you did not appreciate Slapsgiving and all it’s glory, then we can’t be friends! Not to mention the songs, the fear, and Boyz II Men singing about Barney getting boxed.


Then again, who didn’t appreciate this:


What I’m getting at folks is that I loved them both. I could easily sit down and watch them both again because they were that good to me. I can’t choose and I shouldn’t have to so I won’t.


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