My Services

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First off, Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to see what services I offer, and how I can help you achieve your goal at inner peace.

These are the services I offer:

Brief Intro to Reiki Healing – $20 –  Duration Varies

Chakra for Beginners – $30 – 30 minutes

Intro to Crystal Healing – $40 – 30 minutes

Intro to Chakra and Crystal Healing – $50 – Duration Varies

Intro to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy – $40 – 30 minutes

What Crystals should I Buy? – $30 – Duration Varies

All services can take place over the phone, through video conferencing call, or in person. I’m very flexible, and I want you to gain this knowledge through any form possible.

If you would like to book an appointment or learn more about what each service includes, please go to my Facebook Page, A Journey to Inner Peace or WordPress Page.


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