I am worthy of a wealthy life!

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We all have such complicated relationships with money. We’re told to save it for a rainy day. We’re told to spend it cause, well, you know – YOLO. We’re told that people who have it are selfish greedy little pricks. We’re told that the people who don’t have it are humble beings.

I believe right therein lies the problem =  WE ARE TOLD! We’re told by our parents, society, and through media representation about how money is the root of all evil. We’re told that the rich only want to benefit themselves and eat cake. We listen to everyone’s baggage and experiences, instead of developing our own relationship with money. We’re taught to hate it, while we need it.

If we were really – and I mean REALLY – honest with ourselves, THEN we would realize we like money not because it’s money, but because of the things it enables us to do. We like money because we get to be financially free, travel, take care of the family, pursue that passion of yours, etc… It enables us to live our best life. Whatever that life looks like is up to you.

I would really encourage you to think about your feeling surrounding money, and then challenge them. Realize that money isn’t the issue, but rather the people. Realize that a good person can have A LOT of money, and still be humble and pure. This is because it’s not about the amount of money a person has – it’s about their intentions and the energy that surrounds their money.

Say this affirmation with me:

“I am deserving of abundance in my life.”

You are a part of a Universe that is infinite and abundant – think of the galaxy or the depth of the ocean or the fact that if we all died the Earth would literally demolish EVERYTHING we have built. There is so much about this world that we don’t understand, and that’s fine with me. If you ask me, this is what makes the world sooooo amazing.

I am willing to believe that I am infinite and abundant, just like the Universe, just like money. 

Are you?


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