Am I a Writer?

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Am I a writer? This is THE question that has been circling my head for quite some time. What makes someone a writer? Who is responsible for labeling someone with such high esteem?  Finally, the answer came to me – I do. I realized that no one has the power to give you a label unless you allow it. No one has the power to tell you what you are and what you aren’t.

I am a writer. Even without officially publishing anything, or even sharing anything with the world. I am what I say I am. I have given myself the power and responsibility to identify myself with a label I deserve. Why do I deserve it? Because I am passionate about writing. I’ve been writing poetry, short stories, and novels that I’ve been too scared to publish because I was always asking the dreaded question: what if?  Today is the day I stop asking questions I’ll never be able to answer and do – what I believe I was born to do – write.

Today is the day I open myself up to criticism, compliments, and comments. Today is the day I start my blog.



8 thoughts on “Am I a Writer?

  1. Rüyada yılan sokması; Yakın tarihte birilerinden zarar görmüşsünüz, bu kişi siz kasıtlı
    olarak değil, bilmeyerek zarar vermiş. Yani size zarar vereceğini bilerek
    yapmamış. Düşmanlığına devam eetmeyi istemiyor
    ama yine de dikkatli olmak gerekir, çünkü eğer rüyanızda gördüğünüz şey yılanın sizi veya
    biir yakınınızı ısırması ise, yani yılanın dişleri gözükecek şekilde ısırıyorsa, bu kişi sizi veya yakınlarınızı üzecek bir saygısızlık
    yapacak şeklinde tabir edilir.


    • Snake in the dream; You’ve been hurt by somebody recently,
      not knowingly, but harmlessly. So knowing you will hurt you
      He evaded. He does not want to continue to hostile
      but you still have to be careful, because what you see in your dream is that the serpent
      if he bit his closeness, that is to say the serpent’s teeth are barely visible, it is a disrespect for you or your relatives
      It is said to be made.


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